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Focus on the Finish Line

Too many people lose focus before finishing.  Don't be that person. Sure you may need to take some breaks here and there.  But after a bit of rest get back in the game and ship some software
Stay up to date
Look, people don't like crusty old software.  If they did they would us a tool like Wix which is a piece of  💩.  (Sorry but it is kinda true!). People like fresh stuff!  So just ship it!
Meet Customer Needs
You have customers right?  You want to keep them?  Well... to do that you need to ship your software.  Ideally you would improve it too.  I mean... don't just commit updates to the Readme.  Ship software.
Stay ahead of the competition
Let me level with you.  Delivering great software is hard.  But if you can figure it out then you can stay way ahead of the competition.  Just consistently ship!  🚢

Meet the Team

These guys know a thing or two about shipping.

Matt Biilmann

Christian Bach

Harris Reynolds

Creator of Webase
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